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Tang Kuei

Tang Kuei


Men and Woman have known about Tang Kuei for many centuries, using it after strenuous physical exertion to give relief from challenges associated with tense taute muscles.

Woman of child-bearing age undergo hormonal changes which may cause a range of minor discomfort. As such, the gentle herbal property of Tang Kuei as included in this Herbalife health product encourages the body to restore natural balance.

* This Herbalife product helps relieve          symptoms of PMS

* Has calming properties

* Supports the female reproductive            system

* May help promote restful sleep

* 30 day money back guarantee

Quick Product Facts


* Tang Kuei root provide B vitamins, calcium, iron,                magnesium and essential oils.

* Chamomile provides help to combat stress and tension.

* Each Tablet Contains: 200mg of Chinese Tang Kuei              (Angelica sinensis) and 200 mg Chamomile.


Recommended Use

Take one to three tablets daily as a herbal supplement.


How to Order

The new Herbalife program, is offered exclusively through a network of independent Herbalife distributors who make ordering simple and convenient.

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Weight management is related to the Herbalife Weight Management Programme, which includes a balanced diet, regular exercise, an adequate daily fluid intake, nutritional supplementation where required and appropriate rest, amongst other things. It’s important to note that individual results will vary. Be sure to consult with your doctor before using any dietary products or following exercise or health advice.