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Herbal Aloe Concentrate

Herbal Aloe Concentrate Drink


Do you rush around eating on the go thereby causing your stomach distress?

By capturing the benefits of the Aloe Vera plant, this delicious, refreshing beverage can help sooth your digestive system and assist the natural self cleansing action of the body.

Not only that, but Herbal Aloe concentrate is a great way to help you minimise your intake of sugar and increase your water intake!


* Relieves occasional indigestion

* Improves nutrient absorption

* Enhances intestinal health

* Contains antioxidants

* Contains 40% Aloe Vera juice derived       from the Aloe Vera leaf

* No artificial flavourings or colours

* Low in calories

* Contains citrus to provide a refreshing       flavour

* 30 day money back guarantee


Quick Product Facts


* Made from premium-quality, whole-leaf aloe vera.

* Includes the soothing benefits of chamomile.

* Free from bitter-tasting aloin.

* Available as both a ready-made drink and an easy-to-          prepare concentrate


Recommended Use

Mix 3 capfuls (15ml) with 120ml water


How to Order

The new Herbalife program, is offered exclusively through a network of independent Herbalife distributors who make ordering simple and convenient.

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Weight management is related to the Herbalife Weight Management Programme, which includes a balanced diet, regular exercise, an adequate daily fluid intake, nutritional supplementation where required and appropriate rest, amongst other things. It’s important to note that individual results will vary. Be sure to consult with your doctor before using any dietary products or following exercise or health advice.